Why Does Anxiety Cause Sleep Problems?

Why does anxiety cause sleep problems?

We need to feel really relaxed before we can fall asleep. However, many symptoms of anxiety disorders just prevent us from feeling relaxed.

The symptoms of anxiety that disrupt people’s ability to sleep include:

  • Muscle tension. Those who live with anxiety often feel strong tension in the muscles, which means their body is not relaxed. That’s not going to help a person to fall asleep.
  • Racing heart. Anxiety prompts energy to travel throughout your body. That’s what it does to prepare itself for fight/flight mode. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult for your body to relax.
  • Racing thoughts. When you feel stressed, your thoughts race. The thoughts are not necessarily about stress. You find it hard to fall asleep as you keep thinking about those thoughts.
  • The feel that you need to do things. You feel that you still have tasks or things to finish. As a result, you cannot fall asleep.


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