What’s to Know About Severe Acid Reflux?

What’s to know about severe acid reflux?

If you have mild or moderate acid reflux and fail to seek treatment, it will develop into severe acid reflux. So you should seek medical help early on.

Symptoms for severe acid reflux are similar to those for mild or moderate acid reflux. The difference is that you experience them much more frequently.

These symptoms include:

  • Heartburn. Severe heartburn refers to a burning feeling in the esophagus which may also be felt in the lower abdomen and the chest. This is the most common symptom.
  • Trouble swallowing. It’s also called dysphagia. This occurs as the constant stomach acid exposure causes the esophageal lining to become inflamed.
  • Regurgitation. The symptom occurs when the acid in the stomach and undigested food travels up through the esophagus and exit the mouth. Regurgitation can lead to asthma-like symptoms as it blocks air passages.

If you have severe acid reflux, seek treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are likely to develop other problems such as esophagitis, strictures and other life-threatening conditions.


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