What’s to Know About Paget Disease?

What’s to know about paget disease?

Paget disease makes the body’s bone recycling process abnormal. People with the disease find their new bones replacing old ones too fast. New bones are often weaker, so patients may experience fractures and deformities.

Risk factors include age (the older you are, the more likely you’ll have it) and family history (you have a higher chance if one of your family members have the disease).
The disease often affects a person’s skull, leg, spine and pelvis. Different areas have different symptoms.

  • Skull: headaches; hearing loss
  • Leg: bowleg; osteoarthritis
  • Spine: numbness and pain in one leg or arm
  • Pelvis: painful hip

What causes the disease is still unknown. Treatments include medications (bisphosphonates) and surgery.


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