What’s the Prognosis for People with Advanced Bladder Cancer?

Q: My father has bladder cancer and he is on stage IV now. I understand this means he has advanced bladder cancer. What’s the prognosis for people with advanced bladder cancer?

A: The result of people with stage IV bladder cancer is not optimizing, for it is the most advanced stage and is accompanied with negative prognosis.

People with advanced bladder cancer have commons symptoms of the disease, such as blood or blood clots in your urine, pain or burning with urination, frequent urination with small amount and lower back pain. Cancer cells in a person with stage IV bladder cancer move to other parts of the body. The symptoms relate to where the cells have spread. If they have spread to the neck, he will experience neck pain.

As the cancer has spread to other structures and organs, it is difficult to cure it. 15% people with stage IV bladder cancer may survive for 5 years. Of course, appropriate treatment is necessary during those 5 years.

There are treatment options for people in this situation. Though advanced bladder cancer is a very serious disease, the patient should not give up. Treatment can reduce and even eliminate the symptoms. A longer life is accessible with medical assistance and support from families. Furthermore, new treatments are in development. The prognosis for advanced bladder cancer will not always be the same.

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