What Should I Know about Foods And Rosacea?




What foods should I avoid if I have rosacea?

Many foods may trigger the flare-ups of your rosacea. You should pay attention to them in your daily diets:

  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Dried or fermented foods
  • Hot foods and drinks
  • Foods with vinegar


What foods should I eat to treat my rosacea?

A bacterial imbalance in your gut may worsen the condition. Probiotics are important for your rosacea.

Leafy vegetables and other high-fiber foods can help develop a probiotic-friendly environment in your gut. Besides, eating healthily can discourage the growth of bad bacteria.

These foods include lentils, kale, and asparagus, etc.


What diet is recommended for rosacea?

Foods rich in anti-inflammatory agents should be a component of your diets. These include:

  • Seeds and nuts
    They not only meet your basic health needs, they are also rich in anti-inflammatory agents.
  • Fruits and vegetables
    They are often considered important to keep your skin healthy and they are full of anti-oxidants.
  • Foods and oils rich in Omega-3
    Foods and oils rich in Omega-3 contain many anti-inflammatory substances.


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