What Should I Do in the Test for High Blood Pressure?

1.    You sit quietly for 5 minutes before the test, with both feet flat on the floor.

2.    You sit down with your arm resting on the arm of the chair so that your arm is level with your heart.

3.    An inflatable sleeve, called a cuff is wrapped around your upper arm.

4.    The nurse will seal the cuff the pumps it up. Then you will feel tight pressure as the cuff cuts off the blood flow in your arm.

5.    The nurse slowly loosens the cuff while using a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat in your inner elbow. When the cuff is just loose enough that blood starts to flow again, and the nurse can hear it, that is your systolic blood pressure.

6.    The cuff is slowly loosened some more. When it is loose enough that your heartbeat can no longer be heard through the stethoscope, that is your diastolic blood pressure.

If the tests show that your blood pressure is high, your doctor will likely have you come in for a follow-up visit to be tested again.


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