What Kinds of Creams Can Treat Cold Sores?

What kinds of creams can treat cold sores?

Prescription creams include:

  • Penciclovir cream (Denavir). It is an antiviral cream that may reduce healing time by 1 to 2 days, especially if the cold sore was triggered by sunlight exposure.
  • Acyclovir cream. It works best if it is used at the first sign of cold sore symptoms. Side effects of the ointment may include mild pain or stinging at the site where it is applied.

Nonprescription creams include:

  • Benzyl alcohol (Zilactin-L). It is a gel that relieves the pain of cold sores and may help shorten healing time, especially if it is used as soon as a cold sore begins to form.
  • Topical pain medicines. They can relieve the pain and itching of cold sores. Some examples are benzocaine (Anbesol, Orajel) and camphorated phenol (Campho-Phenique). Do not use benzocaine for children younger than 2.
  • Docosanol 10% (Abreva). It should be applied at the first signs of a cold sore outbreak.
  • Dimethicone with sunscreen (Herpecin-L). It is a product that moisturizes your lips and protects them from the sun. This can help reduce the pain and itching of cold sores. It may also help prevent cold sores from returning.

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