What Kind of Group Activities Are for Dementia?

What kind of group activities are for dementia?

In brief, keeping an active social life is key to helping someone with dementia feel happy and motivated. Because group activities can help in stimulating the brain to function. Besides, they can provide socialization among other people with dementia. All these can help in slowing down the deterioration.

Here are some suggestions on group activities for dementia patients:

  • Singing groups: offer a chance to sing and socialise with other people in the same situation.
  • Memory cafes: offer an informal setting for these people to get support and advice.
  • Pet companion: help patients get joy and relaxed.
  • Group cooking: brings insterests and happiness.
  • Ball rolling:┬ávery relaxing, and enhance their friendship.
  • ……

Since the affected area is the cognitive abilities, activities that involve the brain to work are the most beneficial activities.

Finally, there exist clubs intended to help people in the same situation. These can be rewarding for both the person with dementia and their families and carers.

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