What Is the Treatment for Vestibular Neuritis?

What is the treatment for vestibular neuritis?

Vestibular neuritis is an infection that affects vestibular nerve in the inner ear. The disorder would cause vertigo, dizziness and balance difficulties.


There are four treatment options that your doctor may recommend:

  • Managing symptoms. Drugs would be used to reduce symptoms when vestibular neuritis first develops. If symptoms are too severe to be controlled by drugs, intravenous (IV) fluids would be recommended.
  • Reducing dizziness. Vestibular suppressants would be given for short term to relieve dizziness.
  • Treating a virus. If the vestibular neuritis is caused by virus, antiviral medicines would be the choice.
  • Participating in a balance rehabilitation program. If symptoms of the disease, such as dizziness and balance difficulties, persist and worsen, a vestibular physical therapy program would be recommended to retrain the brain to adjust to normal movements.

If you have any problems about your treatments, please go to see a doctor for professional help.

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