What Is the Treatment for Hepatitis B?

What Is the Treatment for Hepatitis B?


Treatment to prevent hepatitis B infection after exposure

If you know you have been exposed to the hepatitis B virus and you are not sure if you’ve been vaccinated, call your doctor immediately. An injection of vaccine given within 12 hours of exposure may help protect you from getting hepatitis B.

Treatment for acute hepatitis B infection

If your doctor finds your hepatitis B infection is acute, you may not need treatment. Instead, your doctor might suggest proper rest, nutrition and plenty of fluids while your body fights the infection.

Treatment for chronic hepatitis B infection

Most people diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B infection need treatment for the rest of their lives. Treatment helps reduce the risk of liver disease and prevents you from passing the infection to others. Treatment for chronic hepatitis B may include:

  • Immune modulator Drugs – These drugs will strengthen the immune system to kill the hepatitis B. They are given as a shot over 6 months to 1 year.
  • Antiviral Drugs – These drug will help to decrease the inflammation and damage of your liver. They are taken as a pill once a day for at least 1 year and usually longer.


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