What Is the Role of Celebrities in Fighting RHD?


Sometimes I see some famous names are linked with RHD. What is the role of celebrities in fighting RHD?


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) can be life-threatening. Although it occurs more among children and young adults, it is still possible for other groups of people to have this disease. Some famous celebrities also develop it, such as Bobby Bowden, Carson McCullers, Richard Proenneke, and Lou Costello. Unfortunately, they lost their lives because of chronic RHD.

Nowadays, this disease is more likely to occur in developing and poor countries. Lack of awareness and inadequate medical technologies are part of the reasons why people develop this disease. Celebrities can have an important say in campaigns aimed at improving the situation. They can provide powerful and convincing message about the importance, prevention and management of RHD control.


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