What Is the Life Expectancy of Cor Pulmonale?


What is the life expectancy of cor pulmonale?


Cor pulmonale is a life-threatening and fatal disease, but it is treatable if prompt and proper medical attention is paid to it. The disease are somethings manageable if the prognosis shows the underlying lung disease. If the patient’s disease is caused by complicated emphysema, the chances of survival increases significantly. However, there are signs of congestive heart failure, the life expectancy is usually thought to be two to five years.

COPD is the leading cause of the disease, which occur more in the later stages of COPD. According to NHANES III Follow-up Study published in the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, at stage 1 or 2, compared with those who have no lung disease, patients lose a few years of life expectancy at age 65 at most. On the contrary, at stage 3 or 4, patients tend to lose 6 years of life expectancy. Past and current smokers are certain to lose more. The patients may be asked to undergo continuous and long-term oxygen therapy to improve their life expectancy and their quality of life.


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