What Is the Diet for Dermatomyositis?

What is the diet for dermatomyositis?

There are different dietary requirements for patients with dermatomyositis according to different symptoms.

If there is thin whitish coating of the tongue, you are suggested to eat some warm foods, such as ginger tea, ginger sugar soup and ginger skin soup;

If there is thin yellowish coating of the tongue, you are suggested to have a light diet, eating foods like winter melon soup, mug bean soup, tomato and leafy vegetables soup without eating greasy meat dishes.

If there is a digestive tract ulcers, patients should eat more boiled food, which is easier to digest, thus reducing the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

Patients with dermatomyositis should eat more high-calorie, high-protein, easily digestible foods, and also foods rich in vitamins to ensure better and faster recovery of patients.

Patients are not allowed to eat cold, greasy, sweet sticky and spicy foods, and also to smoke or drink.

Please consult your doctor or dietitian to set specific dietary plan based on your specific symptoms.


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