What Is the Average Recovery Time of Concussion?

What is the average recovery time of concussion?

People who suffer a concussion often want to return to work and begin using electronics right away, but resuming everyday life too quickly might delay recovery.

The study of more than 300 concussion patients, which was published online in the journal Pediatrics, showed that only those who reported the most mental activity took the longest time to fully recover — an average of 100 days.

For the others, a complete retreat from mental stimulation was no more effective than partial rest. If you shut down completely, meaning you don’t do any reading or screen time, or if you do a little bit less than normal, you recover in the same time period — an average of 20 to 50 days.

After concussions, young people can resume normal mental activity a little at a time. Brown suggested working only to the point where symptoms such as headaches, blurred vision or dizziness begin. That’s when the brain is being overstimulated.

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