What Is Sciatica Hip Pain And How to Relieve It?

What is sciatica hip pain and how to relieve it?

Sciatica hip pain is a symptomatic condition occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed.
It is often accompanied by inflammation, degenerative disc disease, a bulging or ruptured disc, or by a spinal stenosis condition.

Solutions for sciatica hip pain

Although some may require surgical intervention and even placement of artificial joints, structural hip socket issues usually respond well to physical therapy.

But therapy solutions should be choosed respectively according to different causative mechanisms.

  • For leg length discrepancies, treament may consist of chiropractic, physical therapy or orthotic shoes and/or inserts.
  • Muscle imbalances can be treated with chiropractic or physical therapy, but some patients may choose Alexander Technique practitioners instead.
  • Soft tissue concerns, such as fibromyalgia, are almost exclusively treated using powerful and usually toxic phamaceutical products.

For more information, please consult a doctor for custom-tailored solutions.

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