What is radiodermatitis?

What is radiodermatitis?

It is a kind of skin inflammation. It is caused by exposure to ionizing radiation.We can also call it radiodermatitis, x-ray dermatitis, radiation skin damage or a radiation burn. Development and severity of radiodermatitis  associates with multiple patient and treatment factors.


  • Acute

Acute radiation dermatitis occurs within 90 days of exposure to radiation. The patient may have skin changes. It depends on the severity of the reaction.

  • Chronic

Onset of chronic radiation dermatitis may occur from 15 days to 10 years or more after the beginning of radiation therapy. It is an extension of the acute process and involves further inflammatory changes in the skin.

  • Radiation recall

Radiation recall is rare. The reaction may occur weeks to years after radiation.


Radiation burns should be covered by a clean, dry dressing as soon as possible to prevent infection. You should not wear wet dressings. The presence of combined injury increases the likelihood of generalized sepsis. This requires administration of systemic antimicrobial therapy.

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