What Is Psoralen Vitiligo?

What is psoralen vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a condition in which white patches develop on the skin.

For some reason, the pigment-forming cells known as melanocytes have been destroyed. We don’t know exactly why this happens.

I’m sorry to tell you may involve in the infestation with the vitiligo if you often lose pigment quickly on several areas of your skin.

After the white patches appear, they may stay the same for a while, but later on, they might get bigger. You may have cycles of pigment loss and stability.

I’m afraid to tell you no drugs can stop the process of vitiligo — the loss of pigment cells. You must accept the therapies or surgery.


  • Combining psoralen and light therapy. This treatment combines a plant-derived substance called psoralen with light therapy (photochemotherapy) to return color to the light patches.
  • Removing the remaining color (depigmentation). This therapy may be an option if your vitiligo is widespread and other treatments haven’t worked.

Surgery may be an option for you if light therapy doesn’t work.

  • Skin grafting.
    Possible risks include infection, scarring, a cobblestone appearance, spotty color and failure of the area to recolor.
  • Blister grafting.
    Possible risks include scarring, a cobblestone appearance and failure of the area to recolor. And the skin damage caused by suctioning may trigger another patch of vitiligo.
  • Tattooing (micropigmentation).
    Drawbacks include difficulty matching the skin color and potential for the tattooing to trigger another patch of vitiligo.

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