What Is Presbyesophagus?

What is presbyesophagus?

Presbyesophagus means the abnormal shape of the swallowing tube in some older adults, they may place older adults at risk of swallowing disorders.

The exact cause of presbyesophagus is still unknown, but it may be correlated to the difference in esophageal shape causing abnormal muscle movements.

Some patients with presbyesophagus may have no symptoms at all, but some patients with it may have symptoms like heartburn, liquids-swallowing or solids-swallowing problems, foods-stuck sensation, etc.

The treatments for presbyesophagus are different according to different severity, but the common treatments may include:

Diet Modification
Eat slowly and don’t talk; Sit in upright position after meals; Take small bites while eating.

Prescribed medications may be used for patients who have symptoms like heartburn, thus helping neutralize or reduce stomach acids or improve esophagus muscle movements. 

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