What Is Pancreatic Head Cancer?

What is pancreatic head cancer?

Pancreas head is one of the three parts of the organ. The wider end of the pancreas is called the head, the middle section the body, and the narrow end the tail. Most pancreatic NETs form in the head of the pancreas.

If patients are diagnosed with pancreatic head cancer, they are luckier than their peers. Generally, in the case of pancreatic head cancer, symptoms appear earlier compared to those in the body and tail. Because these cancers are near the bile duct, they often cause jaundice, which sometimes allows them to be found early enough to be removed.

Patients may go through a Whipple procedure to remove the head of the pancreas and sometimes the body of the pancreas as well. Yet the cancer may not necessarily be cured, for cancer cells may continue to grow after the surgery.

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