What is omental infarction?

What is omental infarction?
Omental infarction is a rare cause of acute abdomen. It typically simulates acute  appendicitis and includes abdominal pain of a few days’ duration. This condition has a non-specific clinical presentation. Omental infarction occurs in a fair number of pediatric patients (approximately 15% of cases).


Patients may present with:

  • sudden onset of abdominal pain
  • right lower quadrant pain and tenderness
  • absence of fever and gastrointestinal symptoms
  • encountered in healthy patients, such as marathoners, because of low omental blood flow

Radiological Findings on CT

  • Most often located in the right lower quadrant
  • focal area of fat stranding


This condition is often self-limiting and can be managed conservatively. Conservative treatment may include:

  • antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • pain medication

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