What Is Oligodendroglioma?

What is oligodendroglioma?

Oligodendrogliomas (ODs) originate from oligodendrocytes. Almost all ODs occur in the cerebral hemisphere and are often located in the cerebral cortex or under the cortex. They occur primarily in adults but are also found in children.

ODs are primary glial brain tumors that are divided into grade II and anaplastic grade III tumors.

  • Grade II (low grade): Oligodendrogliomas are very slow growing.
  • Grade III (high grade): Anaplastic oligodendrogliomas are a faster growing and malignant type.


The treatment of an OD depends on whether a tumour is grade II or grade III.

Some grade II oligodendrogliomas grow very slowly and you may take “watch and wait” which involves close monitoring of your tumour using MRI scans.

If the tumour is large or causes symptoms, surgery may be performed to remove the tumor as much as possible if it is in an area where it is safe to remove.

If you have any problem, please consult your doctor.

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