What Is Mild Dextroscoliosis?

What is mild dextroscoliosis?

The mild dextroscoliosis is the alias for dextroscoliosis. It means the curve of spine to the right side. The word “mild” indicates that the curve is less than 10 degree. It does not mean that the dextroscoliosis is not severe.

What are the causes of mild dextroscoliosis? How to treat it? Let’s find the answers.

Although the causes of the curvature are not clear, doctors believe that the following factors play a role in the process:

  • Family inheritance
  • Birth defects
  • Diseases in the spine
  • The mild dextroscoliosis may affect functions of organs in the right part. There is the necessity to treat with it.
  • In less severe cases, patients can do exercise to gradually correct the spinal column.
  • In severe cases, correction surgeries are a must.
  • Children and teenager can wear bracelet to adjust the spine.

To know more about it, contact your doctor.

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