What Is Inspire Sleep Apnea Device and How Much Does It Cost?

What is inspire sleep apnea device and how much does it cost?

The inspire sleep apnea device is an implanted device. Professionally, it is called an upper airway stimulator.

The device contains three parts. The first part is a small pulse generator placed under your skin in the upper chest. The second part is a wire leading your lung. The wire can detect your natural breathing pattern. And the third part is also a wire leading to your neck. This wire is meant to deliver mild stimulation to nerves that control airway muscles.

If the device find your breathing abnormal , it will stimulate your nerves and keep your airway open.

The cost of inspire sleep apnea device is variable and hard to determine. According to different type, the cost ranges from $300 to $1000. You’d better consult professionals for more information.

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