What Is Humerus Fracture?

What is humerus fracture?

Humerus fracture is the break of the humerus bone in the upper arm. There are three types of humerus fracture according to different locations: Proximal humerus fracture, Mid-shaft humerus fracture and Distal humerus fracture.

All of osteoporosis, bone cancer, bone infections, bone cysts or tumors can lead to humerus fracture. Common symptoms are presented as pain, swelling, discoloration of the skin at the site of the fracture, bruising, etc.

Speaking of the treatments of humerus fracture, they may include pins and screws, bone grafting, etc. Pins and screws are used to hold the broken ends of your humerus in place; Bone grafting requires taking a piece of bone from another area of your body and adding it to your humerus.

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