What Is Hives?

What is hives?

Hives are red, splotchy, and very itchy weal that appear on the skin. Hives is a type of allergic reaction that usually shows up on skin, such as legs, hands, shoulders, and even the inside of mouth or the internal airway.

What sets off the allergic reaction that leads to hives? Here is the list of some common triggers of hives:

  • Food: nuts, eggs, berries, chocolates and shellfish
  • Sports, body heat
  • Weather and wather treatment
  • Stress

Hives are not to be taken lightly. Most of the time, hives can be treated with cold compresses, over-the-counter cortisone creams and antihistamines such as Benadryl, Allegra and Claritin. You should treat hives with professional advices from doctors as early as possible. 

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