What Is Hepatic Flexure Syndrome?

What is hepatic flexure syndrome?

The hepatic flexure, also known as the right colic flexure, is found in the digestive system of the human body. It is near the liver. Hepatic flexure syndrome is a common medical issue and it causes a variety of symptoms. The common hepatic flexure syndrome symptoms are abdominal discomfort and gas pains.

Anything you eat with a lot of gas could result in hepatic flexure syndrome.
(1) Foods: Foods with a lot of fiber which cannot be fully broken down by the digestive system like beans, legumes, oatmeal, wheat, and broccoli.
(2) Beverages: If you drink a lot of alcohol, milk soda, or any carbonated drink, a lot of gas will build up near your liver and cause a great pain.

(1) Pain & Discomfort: Your upper abdominal area near the liver will feel great pain and discomfort. You should not try to bend or twist your body too much or it may become worse.
(2) Bloating: Your gut will bloat as more gas built up in your abdominal region. Many people may mistake it for being fat, which is not.

You need to bring relief to your digestive system. Do not fill it with too much gas.
(1) Better Diet: Eat foods that do not cause gas like whole grain bread and leafy greens.
(2) Surgery: If your condition is too severe, you may need to get surgery.

Please go to your doctor for more advice.

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