What Is Frontal Baldness?

What is frontal baldness?

Most people’s frontal baldness is a seborrheic alopecia. Under normal circumstances, if the person’s hair is normal, and hair on only the forehead or the top of the head is scarce, this person is likely to suffer from seborrheic alopecia.

The most obvious feature of seborrheic alopecia is that the hair starts to lose from the forehead or the top of the head. First, the hair becomes thinner and then slowly falls off. The area of late hair loss will gradually expand to the entire head area, forming the bald on the head.

Frontal baldness also occurs in androgenetic alopecia. Currently, there are no effective ways to cure frontal baldness. If you want to improve the condition of baldness, you should relieve stress, develop good habits, care hair scientifically, and use professional hair products.


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