What Is Follicular Bronchiolitis?

What is follicular bronchiolitis?

Follicular bronchiolitis (FB) is a benign pulmonary (lung) lymphoid lesion. The specific cause is unclear.

In the condition, there are reactive lymphoid follicles with germinal centers in the walls of small airways. Therefore, it’s one of the reactive pulmonary lymphoid disorders in the group of lymphoproliferative pulmonary diseases (LPDs).

Generally, the condition occurs due to antigenic stimulation of BALT, bronchial associated lymphoid tissue.

According to the connection with other diseases, cases of this condition fall into 2 forms:

  • Primary form: In this case, the condition of FB occurs without an associated primary immunodeficiency state, inflammatory, autoimmune, infectious, or connective tissue disease.
  • Secondary form: On the other hand, secondary form of FB occurs in association with at least one of the diseases above.

Please consult your doctor for more information.


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