What Is Cervical Retrolisthesis and How to Treat It?

What is cervical retrolisthesis and how to treat it?

Cervical retrolisthesis is a common condition that leads to stiffness and chronic pain in your neck area when walking, standing, or sitting. Cervical retrolisthesis in older patients may be caused by arthritis. In addition, the condition could also be caused by congenital spine defects and severe back injuries.


treatment options vary depending on severity of the symptoms, which normally include physical therapy, pain medication, and surgery.

  • Patients with a slight cervical retrolisthesis does not often require surgery. They need to take a rest for several weeks and are usually given medications to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Patients with severe retrolisthesis can usually be treated by an invasive surgical procedure.
  • Follow-up physical therapy is also vital to help a patient regain strength, which may take years.

If have any further questions, please go to see a doctor for professional help.

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