What Is BRAT Diet for Diarrhea?

What is BRAT diet for diarrhea?

What is a BRAT diet?

The BRAT diet represents a diet with sufficient bananas, rice, applesauce, toast.

B – banana

R – rice

A – applesauce

T – toast

The aim of BRAT diet was to give the digestive system a rest and to reduce the output of stool, thus reducing the potential of continued diarrhea. In a diarrhea, people usually have weak appetitie, it’s a natural protection of your body, as long as you stay hydrated, it’s going to be fine.

The essence of BRAT diet is to consume low fiber foods, other low fiber foods can also be your choice.

  • crackers
  • cooked cereals, like oatmeal or cream of wheat
  • weak tea
  • apple juice or flat soda
  • bone broth
  • boiled potatoes
  • probiotic foods, like cultured vegetables (like sauerkraut and kimchi), kombucha, natto, apple cider vinegar, miso and yogurt
  • mixed vegetable juice, incl. carrots, celery, spinach and ginger
  • sweet potato


Is it effecive in treating diarrhea?

The BRAT diet is to support your body’s self-repair, but not a treatment. If the symptoms last in 3 days, it’s time to see your primary care.

The BRAT diet was once welcomed by most experts, but few evidence can prove its effectiveness.

Nowadays, the BRAT diet is not recommended because the food list is low in fiber, protein, and fat. Hence, the diet lacks enough nutrition for one to recover from diarrhea.

Actually, we recommend a balanced and nutrient diet, especially enjoying a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, instead of a mere BRAT diet.


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