What is Asthma Inhalers?

Q: What is asthma inhalers?

A: Asthma inhalers are handheld devices used to deliver asthma medication into the airways. The inhaler delivers a puff of the asthma drug as the person breaths in. common types of asthma inhalers include reliever inhalers to help with symptoms such as wheezing, and preventer inhalers to be used to help prevent symptoms.

Q: How is medicine delivered in an asthma inhaler?

A: Asthma inhalers can deliver medication in a variety of ways, including metered dose inhalers (MDIs) and dry powder inhalers (DPIs). An MSI delivers asthma medication through a small, handheld aerosol canister. The MDI gently puffs the drug into your mouth when you press down on the inhaler and you breathe the drug in. DPIs require you to breathe in deeply as the drug enters your lungs. These asthma inhalers may be difficult to use, especially during an asthma attack when you cannot fully take a dep breath.

Before using an asthma inhaler, you should read the instructions carefully. The technique you learn for one type of asthma inhaler does not apply to others.

Q: What type of medicines are used in asthma inhalers?

A: Drugs used in asthma inhalers are anti-inflammatory, bronchodilators or both of them. Anti-inflammatory asthma inhalers are used to prevent asthma attacks and reduce swelling and mucus production in the airways. These anti-inflammatory drugs help people get better asthma control. Bronchodilator asthma inhalers are either short-acting or long-acting. They are used to ease asthma symptoms like shortness of breath and coughing. It could dilate or widen the airways, which helps relieve asthma symptoms much faster than oral medicines.


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