What Is Advanced Bladder Cancer?

In bladder cancer, cells in the bladder grow out of control. In other word, healthy, normal cells turn into cancer cells in the bladder.

On the early stage, these malignant cells are restricted to the bladder. When the cancer develops into an advanced one, cancer cells break through the bladder and spread to another part of the body. Therefore, it is more difficult to control them with their number increasing and their territory extended.

Some bladder cancers can’t spread, while others spread to structures near the bladder and other part of the body. If cancer cells spread to ureters, urethra, prostate or vagina, and the pelvis, they do local spread. If they move to another organ, the patient has secondary cancer which is also called metastatic cancer.

In advanced bladder cancer, the destinations of cancer cells are lymph nodes, lungs, liver and bones.

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