What Is Adenocarcinoma of Cervix?


What is adenocarcinoma of cervix?


Squamous carcinoma accounts for 85%-90% in cervical cancer. Doubtless it is a common type. And most of the remaining 10%-15% belongs to adenocarcinoma. However, it seems to be an increase in the incidence of adenocarcinoma. Obesity is one of risk factors.

There are two types of adenocarcinoma. The more common one is mucinous adenocarcinoma. And the other is minimal deviation adenocarcinoma. If you get adenocarcinoma of cervix, you may have vaginal bleeding, abnormal vaginal discharge and other symptoms. Medical test is important if you have these signs. The earlier you get the diagnosis, the greater you chance of survival will be.

Most studies have concluded that there is no no difference in survival rate when adenocarcinomas are compared with squamous carcinomas after correction for stage.


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