What Is Acute Toxic Nephritis?

What is acute toxic nephritis?

Nephritis essentially means inflammation of the kidney. Nephritis may involve the glomerulus, tubule, or the interstitial renal tissue.
This disease is also caused by other diseases and toxins that damage the kidney. And most common cause is by an adverse reaction to a drug.

When kidney disease involves structures in the kidney outside the glomerulus, it is broadly referred to as tubule-interstitial disease. This disease generally involves the tubules and/or the interstitium of the kidney and spares the glomeruli.

With the development of industry, the metal and smelting industries have increased, and the emergence of chemical raw materials, medicines, and various pesticides has increased environmental pollution, increased the chance for people to come contact with kidney poisons.

If properly processed and timely, renal function can return to normal, and delay in diagnosis and treatment can lead to death.

The definitions above is personally views. If you have any questions about acute toxic nephritis, please ask doctors for help.

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