What Is a Pyogenic Granuloma?

What is a pyogenic granuloma?

Pyogenic granulomas are relatively common, reactive proliferation of capillary blood vessels. They present as small, raised, and red bumps on the skin. Although they are benign, they can cause discomfort and profuse bleeding (see pictures below).

Pyogenic granuloma

The exact cause of pyogenic granulomas is unknown. They are common in children and often appear following an injury on the hands, arms, or face.

Signs of the condition are:

  • A small, painless red lump on the skin that bleeds easily, with a final size of 1–2 cm
  • Often found at the site of a recent injury
  • Usually seen on hands, arms, and face, but they may develop in the mouth (most often in pregnant women)

Pyogenic granulomas may go away on their own, particularly those associated with pregnancy. If you still have any problem, please ask your doctor for help.


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