What Is a Calcified Lymph Node?

What Is a Calcified Lymph Node?

Calcification of the lymph node occurs as a result of calcium deposits in the lymph node during inflammation and swelling.

Causes of Calcified Lymph Nodes:

  • Calcification of the lymph node may be a signal of someone who has healed of pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma could cause lymph node calcified.
  • Calcified Lymph Nodes could be a symptom of Valley fever.
  • After radiation therapy for the management of cancer, lymph node calcification may appear.
  • Other certain lymph node disorders
  • Symptoms of bone cancer

Actually, the lymph nodes are an important part of our immune system. Therefore, calcification of the lymph nodes often warns you that some problem may happen in your body. In another word, there may be some tumors in the region of lymph node calcified.

In any case though, if you or someone close to you feels as if they have an underlying issue going on, please go see a doctor for professional help.


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