What if my Systolic Blood Pressure is Normal, But My Diastolic Blood Pressure is Higher than Average?

Q: I’m 26. In winter, my diastolic pressure is about 95mmHg, and my systolic blood pressure is between 125 and 130. My diastolic blood pressure is always much higher than the normal range, while my systolic pressure is normal. Do I have hypertension? Is this condition harmful to my health?

A: In your case, normal systolic blood pressure and higher than normal diastolic blood pressure, it’s called isolated diastolic hypertension. Isolated diastolic hypertension(IDH) is included in hypertension / prehypertension category and is treated in similar lines as treating hypertension. So yes, you have hypertension.  

IDH was considered the most important predictor of future cardiovascular disease earlier. However numerous studies have suggested otherwise. IDH with normal systolic blood pressure is considered at same risk level with normal blood pressure in future cardiovascular disease risk. So don’t worry.

It’s time for you to develop a healthy lifestyle though. Healthy diet, more exercises, these will be good to your health.


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