What Happens to a Person’s Hands, Feet and Mouth in HFMD?

A person with HFMD may see signs on his palms, on the soles of his feet and in his mouth. These symptoms may not be found on every patient, and sometimes they are not restricted to hands, feet and mouth.

When a person, usually a child, is caught by a virus of HFMD, he often has a fever and sore throat. There will be blisters on his tongues, lips and even in his throat. Common symptoms include a rash on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet followed by blisters and ulcers. Hands, feet and mouth are the three most common parts of body that blisters spread on. Besides, sores and spots may also show up on the buttocks, elbows and knees.

These painful blisters and lesions will be gone within 7 to 10 days. Do not scratch them even though you feel itchy, or you may have scars left on your skin.

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