What Happens on a Patient with Terminal Bladder Cancer?

Q: My grandfather is a bladder cancer patient. Chemotherapy doesn’t work well on him, nor does radiotherapy. Unfortunately, he can’t take the surgery, for he is 89 and the surgery is too risky for a man in his age and in his physical condition. His doctor said he might soon be terminally ill with bladder cancer. What will happen to my grandfather, a patient with terminal bladder cancer?

A: According to your description, your grandfather is a terminal patient with bladder cancer. The symptoms of bladder cancer in end stage vary from person to person.

In most cases, the patient urinates with blood in it. You can see the amount of blood in the urine by its color. The blood will increase in amount with his bladder contraction. Its color is pink or red for now and will become darker.

In the final days, breath will be hard for him. With the collapse of his bladder, he will lose the control of it finally. The kidneys can’t filter toxic substances made by the body through metabolism any more. These by products will exceed the toxic level and do harm to his fragile body. The final sign is kidney failure. Once the patient reaches at this point, he can only survive 7-10 days.

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