What does Stromal Fibrosis mean?

What does stromal fibrosis mean?

Stromal fibrosis refers to the development of fibrous tissue in the stromal cells which can be found by a biopsy of tissue. The pathologist describes the fibrous tissue that has an abnormal high concentration as stromal fibrosis.

Fibrosis usually occurs when tissue have a chronic or recurrent inflammation. With the time going, the repeated inflammation can injure the tissue and cause the buildups of fibrous tissue. Finally, it becomes stromal fibrosis.

In general, stromal fibrosis is benign in nature, however, it may indicate potential diseases or poor response to treatment for inflammation. Doctors can also identify signs of malignancy with the fibrosis. These information from stromal fibrosis can be used to determine if the patient needs treatments.

In some cases, patients may not need any medical intervention and stromal fibrosis may never become a focus issue. In other cases, patients may need some treatment methods such as medications or even a surgery to address the disease.

Please remember to consult your doctors for more details about your specific treatments.

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