What Does Basilar Infiltrate Mean?

What does basilar infiltrate mean?

“Basilar” means the trunk or bottom of the lung(s). An infiltrate is the filling of airspaces with:

  • Fluid, such as water or lymph.
  • Inflammatory substances, such as pus, white cells, or proteins
  • Cells, such as tumor cells, red blood cells, or a hemorrhage.

In a word, basilar infiltrate is a medical term referring to the tissue density in the bottom portion of the lungs.

Important tips of basilar infiltrate:

Usually, lung infiltrates may be caused by of a number of lung diseases such as pneumonia.

In addition, the infiltrates may also be a result of tuberculosis (TB), pulmonary oedema or internal bleeding. Usually, when basilar infiltrates are seen in a patient, certain cancers such as bronchoalveolar carcinoma and mesothelioma should be strongly considered and carefully diagnosed by doctors.

This condition may also be caused by pollution or exposure to harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

Any infiltration of the lungs should be taken seriously. So, in order to get an accurate diagnosis, X-rays and CT scans would be used to exam the infiltrates.

If have any further questions, please go to see a doctor for professional help.

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