What Causes Bumps on the Face?

What causes bumps on the face?

People have bumps on the face when there’s something wrong with other parts of the body. This brief article will talk about possible causes.

The bumps on the face could be or could be caused by:

  • Milia. They usually appear around your eyes, while they could be anywhere on the body. Milia are made up with keratin.
  • Allergic reaction. Red bumps on the face is among the common symptoms of an allergic reaction, while white bumps could appear as a result of skin irritation.
  • Exposure to the sun. You may develop white bumps on the face when you experience sun burns over and over again.
  • Raised areas after shaving. Small bumps may appear after you shave hair in the wrong way. The bumps could develop into a razor rash.


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