What Causes a Distended Bladder?

What causes a distended bladder?

Bladder is the sac that holds urine before it gets emptied. When the bladder holds too much urine and thus its size is beyond the normal limit, this condition is called a distended bladder.

If you have a distended bladder, you’ll find it difficult to urinate. So, what causes it?

Generally, the causes of a distended bladder include:

  • Obstructive reasons.

Bladder outlet obstruction is a common cause of a distended bladder. It’s usually due to bladder stones, tumors, blood clots, fecal impaction and urethral strictures (i.e. infections or structural damages of the urethra).

  • Neurogenic reasons.

If your distended bladder is due to neurogenic reasons, it means that you have a problem with the nervous system. It’s the problem that makes you lose bladder control.

  • Pharmacologic reasons.

Some medications may account for a distended bladder. If you’re taking a prescription and having a distended bladder, consult your doctor or pharmacist to see if the medication is the cause.


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