What Can We Do With Advanced Dementia?

What can we do with advanced dementia?

Sorry to say that dementia is a progressive, incurable illness. In patients with advanced dementia, their life is marked by severe disability. So they have to rely on others for social engagement and daily activities.

In brief, advance care planning is a cornerstone of care. Also, treatment decisions should focus on the goals of care.

In addition, there is much that caregivers can do to support people with advanced dementia. Some basic ways of supporting the person include

  • simply being with the person
  • offering dignified care
  • encouraging the person’s independence even in very small ways

A person living with advanced dementia, may feel frightened, lonely or in pain but not be able to express these feelings clearly. So you should be careful enough when staying with them. In fact, the support of family and friends is very important during the advanced stage.


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