What Can Be the Alternative Treatments for Insomnia?

Can exercise be an alternative solution to insomnia?

Staying active is good for your insomnia. It not only improves your sleep but also improves your overall health.

Regular exercise, especially aerobic exercise, allows you fall asleep faster and may guarantee a sound sleep.

However, some people find that doing exercise right before your bed time makes it harder to feel drowsy. So it is recommended to exercise moderately 6 hours before you go to bed.


Can music help me sleep better?

Many people like listening to music before sleep, because they believe that soothing music can help them fall asleep faster.

Although music can help you have better sleep, the kind of music you choose really matters. Relaxing music with a relatively slow beat is good for you, like classical music. However, music like rock and roll can make you more excited.

Besides, it is recommended to listen to music 30 minutes before your bed time. Then your body can know it is time to relax.

White noise, such as the sound of raindrops, can also be helpful. A white noise machine, or even a fan can produce the sound that makes you sleepy.


Can meditation help me overcome insomnia?

Meditation can bring you many benefits. It can reduce fatigue, relieve stress, and helps you be more concentrated.

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