What Can Be the Alternative Therapy for Angina?

Can exercise help treat angina?

Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes consist of the risk factors for angina. In fact, they are relative to lack of exercise. Therefore, regular exercise can be beneficial for those who have angina.

Here are some tips for you before you start to exercise:

  • Talk with your doctor about your exercise plan. Exertion can also trigger angina.
  • If you are experiencing angina, stop exercising. Stable angina tends to occur during exercise.
  • Before you start to exercise, it is recommended to have a warm-up first.
  • If it is extremely hot or cold outside, you should avoid outdoor activities.


Can lifestyle changes help treat angina?

If the condition is mild, lifestyle changes can make a huge difference:

  • Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke
    Smoking and secondhand smoke can damage the inner walls of your arteries.
  • Eat a healthy diet
    Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your heart. Besides, you should avoid large meals and rich meals.
  • Limit intake of alcohol
  • Learn how to relax
    Stress can also trigger angina.


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