What Are the Warning Signs of Mouth Cancer?


What are the warning signs of mouth cancer?


The death rate of mouth cancer is significantly high because this type of cancer is often discovered so late in its growth. The reason for this is that early signs of oral cancer may not always be noticeable or cause considerable pain, and many patients do not know what mouth cancer symptoms to look for.

Being aware of the symptoms of mouth cancer can lead to an earlier diagnosis and possibly increase your chance for survival.

Warning signs of mouth cancer can include:
Red, white or red and white patches in the mouth (white patches are most common)
Bleeding from the mouth
Changes in the soft tissues of the mouth, including lumps, swelling, crusting and eroded tissue
Mouth sores that do not heal within two weeks
Difficulty chewing, swallowing or speaking
Chronic sore throat or a feeling that you have a “lump” in your throat
Hoarseness or a change in your voice
Pain or tenderness in the face, mouth or neck
Persistent ear pain
Facial numbness
Loose or shifting teeth or a change in the way your dentures fit
Unexplained weight loss

While mouth cancer can affect anyone at any time, it’s even more important to be aware of the signs of oral cancer if you fall into any of the above categories.

Of course, experiencing any symptoms of oral cancer does not automatically mean you have it. Only a medical professional can determine whether mouth cancer symptoms are a result of the disease. Many early signs of oral cancer are also symptoms of other mouth conditions, which should also only be diagnosed by a dentist.

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