What Are the Types of Rosacea?

What are the types of rosacea?

Mostly, rosacea is classified into four types. Some patients only get one type, while others may get all four.

  • Ocular rosacea
    When you feel burning, stinging, itching or tearing in your eye or eyes, you may have ocular rosacea.
  • Inflammatory rosacea
    If there is continuous redness on your face with red bumps and pimples, you may have inflammatory rosacea. These bumps are different from acne.
  • Vascular rosacea
    If you are experiencing frequent flushing and chronic redness on your face, or if facial blood vessels are visible, you may have vascular rosacea.
  • Rhinophyma
    If you have a swelling, lumpy and red nose, you may have rhinophyma. Excessive thickened skin may grow on the nose. It occurs more frequently in men.

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