What Are the Treatments of Sepsis?

What are the treatments of sepsis?

Treatments for sepsis varies, depending on many factors such as

  • the site and cause of the initial infection
  • the organs affected
  • the extent of any damage

When you have possible early signs of sepsis, usually you have to stay in hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Generally speaking, treatment involves:

  • Antibiotics. When you detect sepsis early enough, you may take a course of tablets. But if you have severe sepsis and septic shock, antibiotics will be given directly into a vein.
  • Fluids intravenously. With sepsis, your body needs more fluid to prevent the lack of water and kidney failure.
  • Oxygen if levels are low. Your body will need more oxygen if you have sepsis.

You’ll need emergency hospital treatment and may require admission to an ICU if:

  • the sepsis is severe
  • you develop septic shock – when your blood pressure drops to a dangerously low level

However, sepsis is treatable if it is identified and treated quickly, and in most cases leads to full recovery with no lasting problems.

So keep in mind, call your doctor at once when you suspect sepsis.

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