What Are the Treatments for Cellulitis of the Feet?

What are the treatments for cellulitis of the feet?

Cellulitis is a relatively common infection of the skin and the soft tissues underneath. It often occurs when bacteria enter the skin through the opening.

Here are the treatment options for cellulitis of the feet:

  • Caught early enough, conservative treatments work wonders for cellulitis of the foot. Common conservative treatment options include rest, elevation, over-the-counter pain relievers and oral antibiotics.
  • If your infection is a little more severe, you may need to receive IV-delivered antibiotics.
  • In rare cases, surgery is necessary to remove the infection of cellulitis in your feet. Surgery is more common in diabetics or individuals with neuropathic issues in their feet.

Keeping your feet clean and caring to any cuts and wounds can prevent any future developments of cellulitis. Please go to your doctor if you get cellulitis of the feet.

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